~ Life Update ~
It’s amazing how quickly you can turn things around.
Looking back to earlier this year, I never would have thought I’d be feeling damn good about everything.
Today I went on a mini shopping spree and was mind blown when I realised that I was not getting anxious about spending money. Previously I wouldn’t have allowed myself to buy something I really liked purely because of how much it cost, or because I had already spent money that week.
This week uni has been increasing the load and the time demand has increased, but found I was better able to prioritise, think clearly, and work efficiently. Previously I would have put ‘me time’ on hold, and locked myself to my desk trying to get everything done, often resulting in stress and anxiety taking over my mind and stopping me from concentrating properly.
This week I decided it was time to set a goal for myself, with a time limit and a structured plan to achieve it. I want to run a half marathon. I now feel ready to do this. I now feel ready to work on myself, and move on from things that were holding me back.
If you feel out of place right now, or like everything is over whelming, or like you can’t stop the negative thoughts. It’s going to be okay. You might not see that now. But it will be okay. I’m not saying it will be easy, but if you do a little bit everyday to try and get better, one day you’ll wake up and realise that you are better.

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