Ironing out The Issue

Food, Lifestyle

Work through your issues and see the progress.
For a while now I’ve been feeling run down and lethargic, and out of breath when running. Turned out I was low in Iron. I recently started taking a supplement as my diet was not providing the needed amounts, and I have already seen an improvement.
Iron is a very important mineral as it is responsible for transporting oxygen in blood to give to your body and is found in enzymes for energy production (why many people feel run down with out it).
23% of women and 3% of males are reported to not eat enough* Iron.
Sources in food come from red meat, lentils, and fortified cereals and grains. Pro-tip: combine iron sources with a vitamin C source as vitamin C improvves Iron absorption!
*According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Thankfully my run today had me feeling amazing. I could breathe, I could focus, and I easily went the distance instead of struggling every moment.

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