Go Get it Monday

Lifestyle, workout

So what, people hate Mondays. But why?

Do they hate going back to work? Hate the lost time? Or hate that they feel too tired and unmotivated to do what they wanted to do?

My advice?

Just do something. Just tick one thing off your to do list that has something to do with health (mental, physical, OR social). Then do it again tomorrow, do it again the day after. Slowly you will be able to tick more things off the list. Just do something.

Today I didn’t want to train. I was tired, it was cold. But I knew I’d feel better once I started. So I started, and I kept going. You can too!

My Upper body workout here was simple but effective. Try it out!

  1. 4X5 pull ups
  2. 4X10 DB press
  3. 3X10 DB row + 3X10 lateral raise
  4. 3X10 reverse fly + 3X10 pushup
  5. 3X30 calf raise + 3X30 crunches

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