A Miss for Motivation

Lifestyle, workout

The last few weeks have been madness for me. Especially this week.

From hospital visits for my mum and boyfriend, to exams, to starting a new job!! to getting a cold and much more. Busy and stressful times.

For me, I loose motivation, and prioritise everything else but training and eating right, because at the moment, there are other things more important to put my energy in.

Unfortunately, that means I’m not eating as well, and I’m moving my body as much. Which has resulted in a bit of weight gain.

Is it a big deal though? No. Is it going to impact every aspect of my life? No. Are people going to see me as less? No. Am I going to lose my worth? No. It just means that I look a little more cushioned.

When life calms down, I can work to get back to a more athletic body, but for now, I don’t need that extra stress and pressure.

Long story short, love you for you, life you for what you are capable of, love you for your work ethic, love you for you ability to care for others. Not the fit of your pants. ❤️

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