Top 5 Tips To Feel Good and Get Ready to Study


My top tips to push past feeling down, and to help you focus better when you study!
I practice these everyday to get pumped up ready to get some work done.

1. If the weather is good, sun’s out, OPEN THE CURTAINS. The boost of sunlight will really pick up your mood.
2. Light your favourite scented candle and make your room and house smell like heaven. This will help you relax
3. Play your favourite playlist. Play tunes that make you happy, are upbeat, and want to get you going.
4. Get at least 30 mins of activity in. Even if it’s just a walk. I went around the lake for my morning walk the other day. This made me so so so happy as I was in awe the whole way around the lake at how the water could be so still and reflective
5. Eat a snack. It’s hard to be happy or feel motivated on an empty stomach! Grab something wholesome, with healthy fats and carbs to feed your brain.

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