Veg It Up


Let’s talk about veg
Did you know that only 6% of Australians meet the guidelines of vegetable consumption (5 serves a day)?!?!
That was a shock to me when I found out.
Vegetables are amazing for your body for so many reasons
-full of fibre
-low energy
-contain phytochemicals which fight off free radicals
-decrease risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes
So, how do you increase your intake?
1. Add more to your plate when serving up
2. Add more into dishes (pasta, curry, burgers)
3. Hide them in other foods (banana and zucchini muffins, carrot cake oats, corn and carrot fritters)
4. Add more lentils and beans (roast chickpeas as a snack, and brown lentils into pasta sauce)
5. Make sure your cooking then in a way you like to eat! Roast them, bake them, add herbs and spices, don’t just boil them till they’re soggy and gross

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