How to Write a Workout Plan


Feeling a little lost with what to do in the gym? Finding it time consuming to think of what to do before every session? Not sure if you’re making progress? Having a weekly or a monthly plan will help you so so much.

For me, used to write a weekly plan every Sunday and do those workouts. Currently, I’m writing a plan at the start of every month, so that I do the same weekly workout for 4 weeks to be able to track my progress. This helps me so much to let me just look at the plan, and do it. I don’t have to waste precious time planning what to do everyday.

Here are my steps to making a plan.

  1. Go check your planner/calendar. So first thing to do is check what days are your busiest, what days your free, and what events you have coming up. This way you can get an idea of what days you can get in your exercise without feeling crammed. This will also prevent you from feeling like you’ve ran out of time to workout.
  2. Set how many days you want to exercise. This may be different month to month depending on commitments. I recommend between 3-5 workouts per week to get in your activity.
  3. Set your goals. Do you want to increase fitness? Do you want to do more cardio? Do you want to get stronger? Increase muscle? Lose fat? By outlining what your goal is, it will assist you to tailor your actual workout to help you.
  4. Write the workouts. Figure out what exercises, warm ups, cool downs, and style you want. It may help to look up exercise, HIIT sessions, cardio sessions ect. for inspiration if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options. Try to make sure it is balanced, as in you are including upper body, lower body, pushing exercises, pulling exercises, etc. If you’re planning on running, set an estimated distance or track. If you’re planning in resistance training, write your estimated sets/reps.
  5. Do the workouts and record your progress. By tracking what weight you use, or how fast you were, or how you felt afterwards, you can easily record your progress and see if you are improving or what you need to work on. If you feel like the workout needs adjustment, write it down and try it next time.

If on one day I can’t exercise, but I do it on another day, I just take note of that and go again next week. Below is a template I use to help write it up, I use the app OneNote so I can make it on my laptop and then bring it up on my phone at the gym. I write the planned workout under the days of the week, and then the 1,2,3,4 is for what week it is. So on Tuesday week 1 I went for a run instead of doing what I planned. Underneath, I write how I felt, how I might change things, and other comments like that. Have a play around with it and plan it in a way that works for you!

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