Hopping HIIT workout


Let’s jump out of the Easter break with this plyometric workout that will get your heart racing and the body burning!
Lately I’ve been feeling a lot more run down than normal, so the usual HIIT style of 30:30 always left me unable to recover and laying on the ground gasping for air, which is not what should happen.
So this session has a longer rest period, 3 times longer to be exact. This will help you recover better, so when the work period comes around again you’re better able to give it your all.
Visit my Instagram page to see videos of the workout! Link is down below.

Warm up for 5-10 minutes before starting.
30 seconds work: 90 seconds rest. 4 sets each exercise before moving on to the next.

Box jumps. Use a height that is suitable for you and you can maintain throughout the time period. Safety always comes first, so when in doubt, start small.

Side to side bench lunge overs. I couldn’t think of a shorter name for this, so if you do, write it in the comments! Again, use a smaller step if you need and work your way up when you’re ready. If it’s completely new to you, take out the jump and just step side to side.

Mt. Climbs. Oldie but a goodie. Keep your abs tight the whole time, go at your pace, and don’t do it on a slippery surface or else your feet will slide out.

In – out squat jumps. A little variation from traditional squat jumps when you hop into a standing position and back out into a squat. Ramp it up by doing this over a step so you’re forced to jump higher. Or take it down by just stepping in and out.

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