Top tips for the post Easter craze


The long weekend has passed. Chocolate and hot cross buns have been gobbled down, but there’s still so much more leftover. Stuck in guilt of putting yourself in the sweet chocolate coma? Stuck in between wanting to ‘get back on track’ and not wanting to throw it all away… what can you do?

  1. RELAX – Easter only comes around once a year, why shouldn’t you enjoy yourself? Why shouldn’t you eat chocolate to your hearts content? Not all food is designed for you physical health! Sometimes you’ve got to feed your mental health instead.
  2. DON’T RESTRICT – Some of you may feel like you need to counterbalance from going overboard and restrict. This is not a good option for many reasons, but mainly because it feeds the diet culture of “good” and “bad” foods, and because it is only going to make you feel weak, tired, and hangry.
  3. CHANGE YOUR FOCUS – Rather than focusing on NOT eating chocolate, pour your attention into eating more fruit and veg. That way, you will actively eat more of nutrient dense things without worrying about the rest. If you focus on chocolate, that’s all you’re going to want.
  4. BE INCLUSIVE – Allow yourself to eat the rest of the chocolate in whatever way you want. The more rules you set, the more you will want to break Trust me I know how hard it is to fight this. Allow yourself to have chocolate on your mornings oats instead of Peanut Butter. Allow yourself to have some chocolate and tea before bed. Allow yourself to have fruit drizzled and dipped in chocolate as a post workout snack.
  5. CONTINUE TO LIVE LIFE – Keep doing you. Train like you do. Work like you do. Study like you do. Socialise like you do. There’s no need to change all this to “burn off the chocolate”. Our bodies are much better at dealing with one-off influxes of energy than we think they are. Be as sustainable as you can and make it a lifestyle, not a diet, not a chore, not something you have to do, just something that happens in your life.

In summary, don’t chuck out the chocolate, or the hot cross buns (unless they’re out of date, of course), and allow yourself to be able to include it in your diet. Love yourself, love how amazing your body is, and love life.

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