Love for legday


Heres a snapshot of my leg day! Favourite session of the week. Quads, glutes, hammies, and abs. I don’t train calves because mine grew from years of volleyball and I don’t want them any bigger πŸ™ƒ

1. Dumbbell squats. Brace your core, keep your feet planted, sit back, and keep your head in like with your spine. This move can be done ANYWHERE with body weight or with any kind of weighted object. πŸ‘Œ

2. Side step ups. I’m trying to lower myself so that my hanging foot only taps the ground and I have the working leg in control the entire time. Use the wall to balance if needed. It burns your thighs like crazy! πŸ”₯

3. Side leg raises. I supersetted these with the step ups. Keep the rest of your body stable and only lift with glutes and outer thigh. Perfect to get a more rounded peach πŸ‘

4. Lying FitBall hamstring curls. Your legs with be on fire after this! Great to improve balance and strength in your posterior chain. πŸ’š

5. FitBall tucks. Great ab finisher to superset with the hamstring curls. Requires your whole body to stabilise and adds an extra level to planks! ✨

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