Rest is Best


4 days in a row of no exercise, limited movement, loving every bit of it.
What? I know, a bit controversial from last weeks exercise recommendations, but it was needed.
Why? Because I had a cold. And honestly, fully resting myself got me back to full health quicker than any cold + flu medications have inn the past.
Did I lower my food intake? BIG NO. Fighting the off the cold virus is taxing work for the immune system, it raises your body temperature and raises your metabolic needs. Eat like you normally would, and keep your fluids up.

When else should resting be needed?
After 3-6 weeks of an intense training period you may need a de-load or rest week.
If other life factors take higher priority and time, such as exams week where you try to cram as much information as you can.
If you’re simply feeling really tired day in day out, lost motivation, feel a bit lost with exercise, take a week off to get your head right.
If you are going on holiday and want to enjoy every moment of it.
If you are injured or ill.

This is a balanced long term approach where there will be times you can’t train, and times you can do more. Moral of the story, you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking some time off to rest the body. Sometimes it’s just what’s needed. No you won’t gain 5kgs, or lose all your progress, just get back to routine afterwards and you’ll be okay.

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