Weights VS Cardio


The controversy on this topic is endless, whether you think weights make you bulky, or that cardio is only needed for weight loss, or that too much cardio ruins your ‘gains’.

In the past, I’ve been the ‘cardio bunny’ where I was only doing high intensity plyometric HIIT sessions and going for 1 hour runs, but I’ve also done the flip side where I would only do weights 6 days a week, not a cardio sweat session in sight.

So which is better? The Australian Physical Activity Guidelines* say that you should do 2 1/2 hours of moderate physical activity, or around 1 1/2 hours of intense physical activity each week. They also say that in that time, 2 days a week should be strength focused.

In my experience, including BOTH into your routine is what has helped me become my fittest version. Adding in plyometrics are great ways to work your heart in a short period of time. However, I also love walking and running to improve my stamina and endurance. Doing resistant training, such as weights, will take up around 80% of my train, leaving the other 20% to cardio and stretching.

I’d say, just do what is best for you, keeping in mind these three things. Firstly, any movement is better than nothing. Secondly, everybody has different preferences for their mode of activity. Thirdly, everybody has different goals, which may require different training styles.

Have fun with it, the best training is the one that you can stick to long term, which is likely the one that you enjoy the most.


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