Super Upper Body Workout


In light of Captain Marvel coming out in cinemas this week, I thought an upper body workout that makes you feel as strong as a super-hero would be fun. I like to incorporate these moves into my weekly sessions to build strength, stamina, and make my arms look athletic.

Warm up -5-10 minutes.
4X4-6 wide grip pull ups. (use bands or a machine to aid you, or weight belts to challenge you)
4X8 Shoulder press*
4X8-10 Bent over rows*
3X15 slam balls – superset with – 3X15 squat to plate push (push plate horizontally to chest, not above head)
3X15 KB swings – superset with – 3X15 push-ups (change the variation to make it easier, or challenging)
3X5-10 ab wheel roll outs
Cool down and stretch
*Use either Dumbbells or a Barbell, which ever is available and preferred.

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