Empty Fridge Cooking


We’ve all been there, knowing you should do the food shop but can’t get there today. What to eat tonight? Take out again? Not this time.

This meal is something to whip up to prevent food waste, save money, and still keep to your healthy eating goals.
It’s tasty and also went from fridge to plate in 30mins!

Makes 4.

• 1 onion
• 1 carrot
• 1 can chickpeas
• 1 can tomatoes diced
• 500g chicken mince

Throw these into a pan with whatever Italian herbs you have.
And then cook up whatever pasta is hidden in the cupboard.
Top it with Parmesan cheese and you’ve got yourself a good ol dinner.

Get The Grind – A Full Body Workout

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Not every session is a great one, it’s how you deal with it that matters.
Feeling weak, unmotivated, and like you want to quit your workout is normal. Everyone goes through it from time to time, and taking a rest may make you feel better. But if you gave up every time you felt this way, your goals are just going down the drain. So what are you going to do about it?

This session I started off with squats and was getting disheartened because the weight I was using was feeling super heavy when I thought that it is normally fine for me. I wanted to stop then and there. I wanted to go home and convince myself that I was feeling under the weather.
That’s when the mental battle stepped in. The battle which made me realise that I have goals to achieve. That the only person who will get these goals is me. No body is going to do it for me.
So what do I do? I accept that I’m not as strong today. And keep going. The weight at which you use is not as important as actually being there putting in the work. I put on a song which gets me ready to grind, and I get it done.

Don’t listen to the voices in your head telling you that you can’t do it. Because you can. You are strong. You are tough. You are worth it.

This was my entire workout, give it a go for a full body strength session!
5 mins warm up
4X12 Barbell squats ss. 4X5 pull ups
4X5 Deadlifts
3 round circuit
– 20 Lunges
– 12 DB press
– 20 KB swings
– 12 Push ups
Then abs – 3X20 crunches ss. 3X20 leg raises.
Don’t forget to stretch 🙂

Remember that to achieve your goals, whatever they may be, you might have to work through the times you don’t feel like it, the end result will be worth it I promise.

Porridge and Puppies

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Get you a meal that’s so good even your dog wants to have it

Out of all the food that are nutritious for my body, this bowl right here is 100% my all-time favourite! Meaning if deep fried foods didn’t exist, I would eat this on my death bed.
There are so so many ways you can make and flavour oats, just find one that you love and stick to it! Why? Because oats have an amazing array of health benefits. One of the most highlighted benefit is that it reduces cholesterol absorption ( which in a world where we often suffer from Cardiovascular disease and strokes is a very good thing)

Ironing out The Issue

Food, Lifestyle

Work through your issues and see the progress.
For a while now I’ve been feeling run down and lethargic, and out of breath when running. Turned out I was low in Iron. I recently started taking a supplement as my diet was not providing the needed amounts, and I have already seen an improvement.
Iron is a very important mineral as it is responsible for transporting oxygen in blood to give to your body and is found in enzymes for energy production (why many people feel run down with out it).
23% of women and 3% of males are reported to not eat enough* Iron.
Sources in food come from red meat, lentils, and fortified cereals and grains. Pro-tip: combine iron sources with a vitamin C source as vitamin C improvves Iron absorption!
*According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Thankfully my run today had me feeling amazing. I could breathe, I could focus, and I easily went the distance instead of struggling every moment.

Friday Feel Good

Food, Lifestyle

Throw back to the weekend where I ate burgers chips and this delicious Fro-Yo!
I heard something today that said “the more you try to control food, the more food will control you”.
And that couldn’t be more true.
The more you ignore your cravings, push past your hunger, and eat foods that you don’t feel like or don’t enjoy ~ the more you’ll say no to social events, say no to breakfast dates, say no to home made cupcakes, and say no to the entirety of life.
So if you want that ice-cream have it. No guilt. No justification. No starvation. No restriction. No ‘burn it off’. Just eat it. And enjoy it.
Life is too short to regulate every delicious bite.

Know when to push

Lifestyle, workout

Felt good today so I worked with it and pushed myself hard.
Every day you eb and flow, so accommodate for that and go for it when you can!

Today’s full body
•3×25 seated leg curl (25kg)
•6×5-10 sumo deadlifts (top set 90kg)
•3×6 pull ups
•3×12 seated rows (80lbs) ss. 3×8 single leg squat
•3×12 db press (10kg) ss. 3×20 kB swings (24kg)